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Be merry and Play in Belmont

Belmont Courier- Printed the newspaper for the area from 1874-1901 by Andrew Maute.

The old saloon started by Chris Bramwell in the mid 1990's and continued on by Henry and Bertie Berg until 2011 was once the printing office for the Belmont Courier newspaper. The saloon is still intact and has been upgraded and improved...but only for restoration volunteers, and perhaps a passing adventure group. We have the largest private collection of 1800's early Nevada original newspapers anywhere. Sorry, no liquor license, so don't expect to pull up and buy a drink!
There is, however, down in lower Belmont a nice old west bar called Dirty Dicks. Most popular with the locals, proprietors Diana and Jason have made this a recent attraction for all. Be sure and stop by also.

Once called Indian Maggies, this is now restored as the original Belmont Courier. One of the largest private collections of 19th century Nevada newspapers in the state is on display with a full bar....only for restoration volunteers, friends and family.

Ghost Town Saloon
 Indian Maggie's is what this has been called for many years. Was once the Belmont Courier newspaper from 1867 to about 1901. This is a one of a kind old west saloon connected to our bed and breakfast, and is fully stocked with soda, water, liquor and beer. We also stock snacks and serve meals.  (Note: as of  July 07,2013, our liquor license is still under review)
Pool and game room
 Belmont Nevada's first pool table in many, many years. This is a high end Olhausen Louis XIV set in the original interim Nye county courthouse. Includes darts, chess, cards, original games from the late 1800's. Music is by 1887 player piano and Edison cylindrical phonograph. Step back to the old west with just one stop.
Poker Room / Sheriffs Office
 Local legend has it that this room was once the original Nye county sheriffs office at one time before the permanent courthourse was built. It's been many things over the years including a chuck wagon kitchen, but much of it's history has been lost. It's now a victorian style poker room omplete with buffet counter for those big get togethers. Notice the tin ceiling, damask wall paper, 1890's gas furrnace, and willow floor and doors. Elegance in the remote mountains of Nevada.Thanks Bob and Torch from IronMan DualSport

Home cooked meals
 Get your meals from our old style kitchen, and eat like it's 150 years ago in our authentic dining room, old fashioned style.