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Sazerac Lying Club

What is the Sazarac Lying Club? Originally, the club was published in 1878 by Fred Hart, editor of the Reese River Reveille newspaper, published in nearby Austin Nevada. The idea behind the books was to print a record of stories told in the silver mining town. The object was to exercise the art and science of a good story, even if it was to stretch the truth a little, and only in good humor and skill, and not meant to manipulate or defraud. Belmonts Lying club is for those adventurers, whether on motorcycle, quads, jeeps, or even horse and buggy, to tell about what discoveries and adventures they've had while in Belmont and the surrounding area's of central nevada, whether it be a ghost story, hidden hot spring, or some old town you found abandoned in the middle of no where, and how you got there, and what happened along the way. When you are staying with us, be sure to tell us of your Lying club stories while drinking a sazarac or belmont breeze cocktail, but until then, try our new facebook page below to share your stories.


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