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Originally built in 1866 to house the offices of the Combination Mining and Mill in East Belmont, this impressive building ended up bankrupting the company in it's construction. The building went to auction and ended up being a lawyers office in the 1870's, who later becaome the Nye County District Attorney, Jas. A. Service. After which, it became a lodging house, perportedly called the Philadelphia House. After Tonopah drew all the Belmont folks to seek their fortunes elsewhere, this building went into private hands for 70+ years and included people like Indian Maggie and Rose Walters, who lived in the front parlor and closed off the rest of the house to reduce maintenance. The house was bought by the Richardsons in the 1970's and big plans of making it into a bed and breakfast and restaurant were tried. They built a large porch and barn in place of the original church, and called it the Philadelphia House. Plans never came through fully. The house then went to the Reverts of Beatty, who converted the upstairs windows into doors, and added a second story deck. After the Reverts, Chris Bramwell, likely the largest contributor to this place, completely remodeled and upgraded the main house and converted the old Courier building into a saloon. He also had the front parlor as a steakhouse, and the place was called the Monitor Inn. Chris ran a business here for a few years until the Berg's purchased it in 2003 and continued the B&B and saloon until 2011. 
We've been in restoration and preservation since 2012 and continue to bring this place into what it was originally back in the 1860's. Prepare to step back in time 

Vintage stained glass in the kitchen

All beds are 3 layer memory foam with 600 thread count sheets, down alternative pillows, and top quality linens. No need to rough it, when your roughing it.
Endless hot water with modern amenities and comforts, but with the late 1800's Victorian feel and authenticity.
The Belmont Inn and Saloon is open for free to friends, family, and restoration volunteers.
Email us if you are interested in helping to preserve this piece of old west Nevada history.

King Suite
 Two room King suite includes king size wrought iron bed in our rock room, and also includes a front sitting room with stove, sette, two exterior doors, shortcut to the saloon. Very unique room.  
Miners Cabin
 This is the retreat from the retreat. Queen size bed in an authentic stone miners cabin up above the entire town! Includes a stove and stone fireplace. Live like an early miner. Said to be the oldest still standing building in Belmont. 
Top East Queen
 One of our most comfortable rooms shares a south facing balcony overlooking the entire town of Belmont and Ralston Valley. Have handmade bed headboard and frame, antique furniture and stove. Step back into the 1860's.
Top West Queen
 Antique hand made wrought iron queen bed in 1860's atmosphere. Amoire, stove, and balcony. This has to be seen to be believed.
Top Full Size
 Quaint full size bed and room with closet and wrought iron bed. Best value for single occupant, or a couple who likes to be close.            
 For those of you in hunting, motorcycle, atv, jeep, or other travel exploration groups you may want the rustic experience and economical choice of the bunkhouse. Come do a little volunteer work and stay for free in a full size mattress in an insulated portion of our vintage barn! 6 beds available, and can be expanded for special groups. Gas available for dirt bikers, or whomever is needing it. Please email ahead if you are needing a large quantity. Indoor parking for motorcycles and atv's.